The Company undertakes the certification of installed copper and fiber optic networks as a third party certifier (3RD Party).

The network certification is carried out with the FLUKE DT-1800 calibrated every year. Copper certification is performed with the permanent link heads, where the permanent cabling is certified. On request channel testing can be carrid out with the channel heads,where the permanent cabling plus the patch cords are measured. In channel certification the patch cords must not be removed after the testing. For optical fiber certifications multimode or singlemode heads are used.

About A.C.E.

The Company with a presence in the market since 1992 in the field of Copper and Fiber Networks is your reliable partner who can and immediately responds to your technological requirements.

The company has extensive experience and know-how in voice and data networks, computer room tuning, cable assembling, and Panasonic call center installation.